Why BYOD is Important in Enterprise Mobility!

BYOD :- Bring your own Device.

In the current world, almost 99% of the workforce have at least one smartphone with them. May be some people has more than one. So before getting into more details let me define what you mean by BYOD in Mobility.

BYOD stands for Bring your own device @ work 🙂

Many of the enterprise giant are now moving to BYOD initiative to allow end-users to use personal owned devices at work. According to latest trends and studies, it seems that BYOD helps the enterprise to accelerate the productivity, employee satisfaction, reducing the cost in infrastructure etc.

Also the important thing is BYOD manages the separation between the enterprise apps and data from the personal ones, with a good privacy settings and security.

Most of the enterprise mobility solutions come up with the following things.

  1. MEAP (Mobile Enterprise application platform)
  2. MAM (Mobile Application Management)
  3. MDM with BYOD (Mobile Device Management)
  4. Mobile Content Management.
  5. Mobile Security
  6. Integration with 3rd party Industry Solutions.

BYOD Features

  1. Separation of Personal and Enterprise app and data.
  2. Easy Implementation of Privacy Policy.
  3. Selective wiping of enterprise data from the device.
  4. Monitoring of Enterprise data.
  5. Certificate based Authority system implementation.
  6. Automated monitoring of policies .
  7. Self registration and processing of devices.
  8. Device mapping and management.
  9. Self service system.
  10. Synchronised MDM Service.

Why BYOD is Important in Enterprise Mobility ?

  • Increase Productivity
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • anywhere anyplace access corporate data without any issue.
  • High secure monitoring of Data.
  • No worries about the data lose.

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