How to Prepare a online car insurance App using HTML 5 ?

Actually this is a  HTML 5 app idea,came in to my mind recently. i searched in google about the online car insurance, but i can’t even find a good resource that list the detailed information about the car insurance.Is it good idea to developer online car insurance html 5 app ? i think YES.

I am planing to do a Step By Step Development of HTML 5 based Product. So this tutorial will explain entire work flow of an idea to app 🙂

so i decided  to build a online car insurance portal.I am in a planing phase. so i need a big help from you guys.


Basic Requirement.

— HTML 5 based website (much more interactive to the user about the online car insurance).

— HTML5 based mobile app (so the user’s can view the website in all mobile devices with out any problem) .

— A good Administrative panel using HTML 5.

Basic Functionality

— Listing the best car policy.

— getting the detailed information about the policy.

— user account store.

— social media integration.

— Comparison.

— getting the nearest office information.

— insurance company registration.

— payment gateway.

Stay tuned next part is on the way.


Friend’s please let me know if such kind of app is exist in the market . Your comment’s are really valuable for me 🙂 .Onces i completed the portal i will upload the source code to git. so you can also take look at it.


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