Best Practices for Engaging Your Visitors

How to engage your visitors (audience, community, users, members, customers, or whichever term you prefer) should be your top priority. If you learn the best practices then you will be succeed when you are developing websites and apps.Engagement is all about maximizing the value of your audience.

Creating a “sticky” website, where visitors keep coming back for more, requires you to improve how your website approaches contentstatuspersonality andusability.

Points to remember 

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If you’ve spent any amount of time working on a website, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king”. As cliché as that saying might be, it’s true.

Content :- Content is the right factor of a website or an app, which help to stick the users with that. So when you prepare the content you have to think about is the content will entertain something to the user or will help them to learn something in a good and best way. For making the good content we need to set some criteria’s.

Content must be Fresh : It is really importent that the content is up to date. That means the presentation of content is more important. “The wine is old and good, but you have to sell it in a good bottle to get the good price”

Targeted : The content must be targeted to a group of audience  – This will help you to get a group of users. To understand that take a survey in the  market about the idea you are going to implement.

Valuable: Content Should Be Useful to Your Users

Everything you add to your site, whether a new feature or a blog post, should add value for your visitors. Does it help them do their job better? Does it entertain or bring enjoyment? Does it provide knowledge?

Content Should Be Clear and Straightforward

i think that the heading itself self explanatory.


2.Engage Visitors by Giving Them Status

3. Offering Exclusives

4.Engage Visitors with Your Personality

5.Communicate With Your Visitors Regularly

6.Use Humor

7.Engage Visitors with a Usable Website

8.Intuitive Interfaces

9.Keep it Simple

Some Sites and Resources to Check Out

A list of the websites and resources mentioned throughout the article:

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Sites and Resources for Usability

Developing an engaging website is hard work, but it will pay dividends. Do you have other successful strategies to share? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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